Our Social Ethos

Not Just Another Company

As I sit here writing this and my mind wanders around all the lofty statements I have read or heard from other companies I can’t help but wonder how many of them actually do what they say when it comes to core values, their goals and what they want to be to the world.

I can safely write that our goals, values and what we want to be for the world will always evolve and improve and that we will always strive to be in a place of learning so we can get better at all that we do. Something as simple as saying we want to be a company known to be full of integrity when it comes to how they interact with clients, suppliers and our team weighs heavy on how we conduct ourselves every day.

Is what we are doing right now; the best for everyone that it will impact and is it from a place of doing what’s right as opposed to what is easiest.

I want the answer to this question to always be yes but know we may have some maybes pop up along the way and that we will need to learn from them, do better by them and then make changes so those once in a blue moon maybes will be yes in the future.

To this end we will always endeavor to be;

  • A company proud of its integrity
  • The company that is agile and listens intently to what its fans and detractors say and want
  • Diverse because we believe we are stronger when we are so
  • Advocates who speak up and speak out for what is right regardless of the price

James Buchan – Co Founder CNCT Digital