NEW App to be CNCT Digital’s first product

In early 2021, and even before that, plans were being made, research was being done and design concepts were being proofed for CNCT Digitals’ first app release to the Apple and Google App stores. From those early days of concept until now when we are on the cusp of our first launch we have learned an immense amount in regards to the differences between operating a large successful group of websites opposed to what all goes into building a successful app. What an undertaking the last several months has been!

We quickly learned that our small team did not have enough firepower to make quick progress on development so we brought in a development company to help us build our dream. A big part of our build plan has always been solving the issues and pains that other apps in our niche seem to be plagued with; the biggest of which is buggy/broken platforms and horrendous customer service… we have done our utmost to ensure our app is as smooth as silk and our support platform is best in class with customer service representatives that are second to none.

So stay tuned and watch for our launch announcements that will come shortly; we are excited to bring to market what will become the must have connection app in both the Apple and Google App Stores!