Learning as we code

After well over a decade under our belts, you would think building a new digital product would be a walk in the park. Well in some areas yes for sure! Code is code and best practices when it comes to safety and security are always at the forefront… but what a learning experience it has been to build an app instead of “just” a website!

An app is a special thing that can and should impact people in a positive way – from making their lives easier or even to just giving them a break from their day-to-day routines. We quickly learned that the path to success in giving these two things to our soon-to-be fans was not as easy as it first looked and we had a lot of learning to do!

When you build websites security is handled in a fairly standard method; SSL certs and the like but when it comes to apps and using services like Twilio, AWS and others WOW can you really give people a great experience; if you are willing to invest in them as a priority (hint – we did!)

My hat is truly off to all of the app developers out there that have taken a pause, learned what tools they could deploy in service of their users, and then did deploy them to give their users the best experience possible. User experience is always more important than the bottom line!

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