About Us

Since 2009

Before CNCT Digital we jumped into the world of creating communities and connections in early 2009 as ITL Ventures. We knew way back then that we had found our passion and throughout all of our years of creating digital tools for people to come together online we always strove to put our customers first.

A lot has changed since we launched our first community website but one thing has remained the same; our passion to create products that matter in people’s lives. With well over a decade of experience we have refined our craft while listening intently to what the pains were for people looking to connect online; and then we went out and solved them.

Awesome Apps

If it can be dreamt and it will improve the lives of those that download it… we can build it! We are always looking to improve our current offerings and develop or purchase new ones to add to the CNCT Digital family!

Creative Sites

Apps and Sites go hand in hand so we create ones that inspire and support our apps so that you find exactly what you need when you go looking for it.

Building apps you love isn’t just our passion, it’s our mission!

Amazing Ideas

Ideas come from all places and once they are planted roots will always develop – do you have one brewing and are you looking to partner with someone who can bring it to life… we might be that team!


If being versatile and responsive is a capability then those two top our list. Otherwise we work with the latest tools to bring the best apps to life. We also believe in being present in both Apple and Google app stores so our team stays on top of what’s new for both and best methodologies so that our apps just plain work!

Our biggest strength is our diverse team, we truly know that the more voices we have at the table that come from the widest range of backgrounds will be the key to our success.